Relocating? Take A Look at Directors Mortgage's Professional Loan!

We understand that relocating for a new job can be a stressful experience, and more so when you have to buy a new home. Most lenders require that your client must have started their new job before allowing their home loan to close, which can cause even more stress if they wish to move and get settled ahead of time. 

Directors Mortgage's Professional Loan Program is here to help!

With a mutually executed employment contract between your client and their new employer, our Professional Loan program will allow for your client to:

  • Close on the purchase of their new primary residence up to 90 days before they start employment. 
  • Provide your client with the peace of mind that comes with eliminating the need for moving twice. 
  • Give your client relief from the hassle of trying to start a job and move at the same time. 

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