1600 North Coast Hwy, Suite 1656
Newport, Oregon 97365

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Pretty amazing, considering we didn’t even have a road here until 1927. Resorts soon followed, paving the way for Newport's incorporation in 1882 and establishing the community as a premier tourist destination along the Oregon Coast.

Newport’s subsequent development centered around three distinct areas: The Bayfront, Nye Beach and the Highway 101 Corridor.

As early as 1856, Yaquina Bay was visited by the sailing vessel Calumet, laden with supplies for Lieutenant Phil Sheridan and the nearby military garrison. When the Yaquina Bay oyster beds were discovered in 1862, great profits were made by exporting the delicacy to San Francisco and elsewhere.

Yaquina Bay was opened to settlement in 1864 and Newport was officially founded on July 4, 1866. Soon after, it became a popular travel destination. 


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